08 August 2014

Thailand | Madame Tussauds (Siam Square)

It’s our last night at Bangkok, Thailand and we wanted to make the most of our time. As we mooch around the Siam Square, we halt by a stall with posters of Hollywood Celebrities and we were intrigued on what it is all about. Guess what? We got invited for an all-in fun night with A-lister celebrities we can possibly think of. Hurrah!

Yes, I'm sharing the stage with "Sasha Fierce", Beyonce Knowles.

And our celebrity encounter starts here,

I wonder when will my interview with Oprah be telecast on air. Have you seen the British supermodel Naomi Campell standing at my back? She was about to stride a catwalk for the show.
Yes, MJ is now officially a "Beliebier".
With the "Material Girl", Madonna!
I suddenly got serious standing right beside the royal highness, Princess Diana. Oh wait..she died already right?
Feeling smart with Prof. Albert Einstein
I'm so privileged to have an exclusive training with the football heartthrob, David Beckham.
What a shot! Here's a rebound attempt I did against the tallest active player in basketball (2009) - Yao Ming.
MJ to Serena Williams: "I'm going to defeat you someday!"
As shocked as I am, I just lifted 100 kls. barbell with only a single hand.
Double MJs doing a dance move.
I'm the eye of the tiger Katy Perry. I am. hahaha

I just had a talk with Mr. Will Smith about my pursuit of happiness.
Me: Am I doing the right poker face?
Lady Gaga: Yes, P-p-p-poker face! P-p-p-poker face!
He saw your white panty Ms. Manilyn Monroe. Hahaha
It was definitely a fun night out but I’m pretty much sure you didn’t buy the joke about our celebrity encounter. Hahaha It’s half-truth though but for some who haven’t noticed, all those are just sculptured wax. Yes, we were in a wax museum at Siam Discovery Center and we were overly amazed by how human-like those sculptures are made. Madame Tussauds definitely provides an entertaining place where we can feel close to our favorite superstars and royal figures.

Madame Tussauds Bangkok is located at the 6F of Siam Discovery, 989 Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. The museum opens daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. For ticket reservation, you may visit their website at http://www.madametussauds.com/bangkok

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