04 October 2014

Hong Kong | A Symphony of Lights

One of the most highlighted attractions in Hong Kong is the sightseeing at Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre’s waterfront of the decorative light & sound show from buildings in Victoria Harbour. I am fan of laser lights and fireworks display so I would definitely not be missing this kind of spectacle on this travel. 

Everyone in the waterfront was raring to see the famous HK’s “A Symphony of Lights”. They say the display happens every night with good weather at 8pm. It might be a little frosty for today’s event but thankfully it doesn’t stop the show from happening. Yey!

John Mark Calderon

Today’s show is in Mandarin Language (LOL. I don’t speak Chinese but it is okay because I’m just only after of the decorative light display anyway). Exactly 8pm on my watch, an orchestration of music commences together with laser lights beaming to the skies. Then the decoration lights start dancing to the beat of an old Chinese instrumental sound while colorful sightseeing ferries are running across the Victoria Harbour. It is a delightful moment to witness and I just cannot miss the chance of taking photographs of those beautifully synchronized light displays. The show lasted for 14 minutes.

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