26 February 2015

Spicy Fridate

With the thrill of fermented cocktails and the penetrating taste of spicy food, tonight is set to be a stimulating kind of Friday!

Spicy Fingers House Sisig

Nerdy by day and jazzy by night - that probably is the most suited description I can think about my friends who I am dining with tonight. Heading to one of Makati's favorite hangouts, we opt to eat at Spicy Fingers Restaurant in Greenbelt 2 to make our Friday a little steamy but exciting night. Yes today, we are making it a Spicy Fridate!

Spicy prawn with zucchini tempura and spicy chicken wings

Spicy Fingers bucket of mussels with fries and chili sauce

Our favorite Crispy Pata!  
Spicy Fingers Restaurant spares no punches to dish out the most delectable and spicy dishes on our table. Ready to set our stomach on fire, we ordered their house sisig, spicy chicken wings, bucket of mussels, spicy prawn with zucchini tempura and their famous crispy pata. All those are paired with soda and a shot of vodka. Yikes!

Fritzee, my friend, are you okay? :-p
(L to R: Twinkle, Xania, Fritzee and Jessa)
It’s really going to be the longest happy hour of the night! But one of our friends, Fritzee is feeling frenzy already as she gulped incautiously one shot of “death row” cocktail. Hahaha This little girl from Pampanga is really spicing herself up in the battle of whisky. "Tatamaan kayo sa akin!", her favorite line while holding a fist. LOL

Nevertheless, we had so much fun as we embrace the night with laughter and whole lot of catch ups!

John Mark Calderon
Me and the ladies of Citibank Philippines 
(Ladies from L to R Jessa Estella, Joan dela Cruz, Adelle Remillano, Fritzee Lagman, Twinkle Maluping and Xania Sanchez)

It has been a while since the last I’ve seen these ladies from the time I left Citibank. For almost 2 years of working together, it’s impossible not to build a strong friendship with them. And even though we’re in different companies now, it feels good to know that we always have each other to share our feelings and keep us smiling whenever we need it at times. For me, it is true that happiness is truly worth sharing with friends...friends like them. :-)

Until then gals. I'll miss you again! 


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