31 January 2016

A birthday blog for my Ate Recca!

Me and my sister, Christy Recca Calderon.

To my sister who is selfless, humble and compassionate, happiest birthday to you! I wish you all the happiness and success you deserve. I want to thank you for making me feel that when everything else fails, I have my sister to lean on. Your unconditional love and undying support have always helped me to push forward with my dreams and not to give up even when things go wrong. You’re simply the best sister in the world that I could have wished for.

Just like others, our relationship as siblings didn’t really start that well. We used to argue about so many things and we kept our distance apart most of the time. But sometimes when you had no one to play with, you included me to your crazy games. Remember the mini-houses made of umbrellas and blankets we used to create in the living room? Also, do you remember playing the Battle City (Tank) on the family computer all night long until we reach level 100? Hahaha I miss those days.

Even though we didn’t talk that often during childhood, I was aware that we had few things we did in common back in the days. On breakfast, we pour out hot milo to our plate and mix it with the rice before eating (Just so you know I still do that until now). We also watched the same TV programs before like Sailor Moon and Power Rangers. After watching, we ran around the house as if we were the characters in the show. Then on weekends, we were both excited to go to video city to borrow VHS tapes because we just love watching movies.

When we reached middle school, our relationship started to flourish. We became a little bit closer as you started to talk to me like we were friends. On Fridays, we watched Fushigi Yuugi at night and we laughed at each other because we look crazy whenever there’s “kilig scenes”. Those years I knew you already have crushes at school and you used character names to hide their identities. Then on weekends, you used to tell me stories of Greek Mythology. You were so into it that you have a journal about it. And oh, you also introduced to me the Sweet Valley pocketbooks. In fact, the first book I finished reading was the Sweet Valley Kids. So you must know by now that you have put so many influences in me. Thank you.

But I must say that it was college years when we actually started to bond as siblings. We shared a lot of things from money issues to love life. Between us, you were the one who often made bad decisions before. And even if I’m younger than you, I scolded you for your silly mistakes mostly on your love life. You had been through a lot but I want you to know I was so proud of how you handled yourself in facing difficult situations. Even if you were hurt inside because some people looked down on you, you pushed forward and proved to everyone that criticisms have only made you stronger and better. Actually sis, I envy your perseverance and bravery. Your story is an epitome of a woman who believes that everything in life, including the pain, is worth it.

This blog is just too short to tell our story as siblings. We had a lot of things we been through together and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else but you to share those experiences with. Our memories as siblings will always be one of the best moments of our childhood. 

Now that we are miles apart from each other (you in Colorado while me in Dubai), we still keep that bond and love for one another. For me, you’re the best sister in the world. I'm so proud of you in so many things. You have truly become not just a lady with passion but also a woman with dignity. I have so much respect to you sis. I will always be here for you, Raymond and Odie. Together, we can achieve our dreams for ourselves and for our family. I love you sis and thank you for everything. 

I hope to see you there soon. Let’s go to New York! :-)


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