28 December 2014

Our Food trip at Payling’s Restaurant in Oroquieta City

Located at Quijano Street, Oroquieta City a new diner named Payling's Restaurant has opened to give the locals a unique taste of Filipino-American cuisine in a homely kind of setting. The city is definitely stepping up to another level to give us more reasons to explore the beautiful Oroquieta. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future the city would become the foodies’ next favorite hub in Northern Mindanao.

27 December 2014

Philippines | The Maria Christina Falls

Not just because of its natural beauty and grandeur, Maria Christina Falls is also the most famous waterfall in Mindanao. Do you know why? It's because this giant waterfall generates 70% percent of electricity in the entire island of Mindanao. With a height of 321.5 ft and average flow rate of 130, no one should dare to dive in it or else you’ll be electrified to death (literally). So it’s safe to be few meters away from this majestic waterfall yet still enjoy the beautiful scenery of this natural masterpiece.

25 December 2014

Philippines | Discovering Tinacla-an River

After so many years, I finally came back to where my childhood had set about. And now I’m giving myself a time to explore what my province has to offer when it comes to travel. Never could have I imagined that there’s a beautiful river secretly located in the heart of Tinacla-an, Clarin Misamis Occidental. Suddenly I asked myself, why I have not discovered this place when I was still a child. Hmmm.

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