20 October 2014

Our Bibimbap Kind of Lunch

Annyeonghaseyo! Eotteohge jinaeseyo? (Hello! How are you?)
Yesterday, I had an interesting lunch with my officemates at the nearby Korean restaurant from the office. I haven’t really dived into any traditional Korean cuisine before so it was my first time to try this kind of food. The name of the restaurant is “BibimHaru” and we opt to try one of their signature Korean dishes they called “Bibimbap”...erm..I really thought it was some kind of a noodle soup but to my surprise it's a bowl of rice. Forgive me but yeah, it was LOL moment for me. Here's an FYI, Bibimbap in Korea means "mixed rice". :-p

15 October 2014

Malaysia | The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers

According to most travel blogs, the number one must-see in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the iconic twin skyscrapers identified as the “Menara Berkembar Petronas” or commonly known as the Petronas Twin Towers. It has an area of about 4.2M sq. ft. and standing with 88 (+5 basements) floors which made these towers as the tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004. Though personally I think there’s nothing much about the buildings except the cultural centre and high-end mall inside, its architectural style dominantly shines through the entire skyline of the capital city’s central business district. Nevertheless the fact that this amazing structure was once recognized in the world history, it’s definitely worth a moment to gaze.

12 October 2014

Sunday Cooking Challenge II

Pork Curry w/ Carrots & Potatoes

Finally, I have the entire Sunday for my second cooking challenge. Exciting yeah? So for today’s recipe I will be cooking one of the famous South-eastern Asian dishes --- Pork CurryBesides pastas and lasagna, this is actually my first attempt to cook something with a sauce. But after all, this is a Sunday cooking challenge so I better be ready to bite off something more than what I can chew. Aja!

08 October 2014

Macau | Cotai Central

Hello to the casino capital of the world, Macau! For a nation so clean and artificial, this is certainly a place to be! I consider my travel experience in Macau as one of the highlights of my 2014 because it’s my first time to experience 6°C weather. Well, I came from a tropical country so experiencing this kind of climate is sort of a big deal. Anyway, here are some of my photos in Macau! :-)

05 October 2014

Hong Kong | The Festival of Lion King at Disneyland

One of the main highlights in Disneyland Hong Kong is the musical play they titled “The Festival of Lion King”. If you pay close attention to the performers you’ll notice most of them are Filipinos. Being there makes me feel so proud to know our talents truly shine across the globe.  

03 October 2014

Cambodia | Siem Reap

When I came to Cambodia, I set no expectation and just let my mind open as to what the place can offer. But I didn’t really expect that I would fell in love with Siem Reap like this. Despite of knowing Cambodia as a nation filled with heart-rending historical events and creepy Khmer superstitions, I was astonished by their religion and architecture. What I’ve seen was more than just people and temples. I have also witnessed how their faith serves as their defender against all misfortunes. All the incredible monuments, statues and gravestones characterize how history made them strong now. Those for me are the real treasures of Cambodia. :-)

Do you know the name “Siem Reap” translates literally to the “The flat defeat of Siam”? It was said this was the place when their mighty King Ang Chan destroyed the Siamese invasion hundred years ago.

02 October 2014

Way Back When

Just when I thought most things have truly changed with time, I wish I could be at least closer to what I used to look before (if not better). Oh yeah! I honestly cannot put into words how to describe my life 7 years before but one thing is for sure, it was certainly a memory I'll cherish for years and more. Here’s my throwback Thursday post - a glimpse of how amazing my college days were.  

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