03 October 2014

Cambodia | Siem Reap

When I came to Cambodia, I set no expectation and just let my mind open as to what the place can offer. But I didn’t really expect that I would fell in love with Siem Reap like this. Despite of knowing Cambodia as a nation filled with heart-rending historical events and creepy Khmer superstitions, I was astonished by their religion and architecture. What I’ve seen was more than just people and temples. I have also witnessed how their faith serves as their defender against all misfortunes. All the incredible monuments, statues and gravestones characterize how history made them strong now. Those for me are the real treasures of Cambodia. :-)

Do you know the name “Siem Reap” translates literally to the “The flat defeat of Siam”? It was said this was the place when their mighty King Ang Chan destroyed the Siamese invasion hundred years ago.

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