19 August 2018

A Lovely Dinner at Dionysus Mansion

I always have a thing about dinner because for me, it’s the most special meal of the day when you can truly enjoy and spend real quality time after a long day. So once in a while, I want to dine out in a special place where I can relax and have a lovely dinner.

Few nights ago, while walking on the streets of Limassol, we passed by Dionysus Mansion Restaurant where it’s known for its purple garden dining area. The moment I walked in the restaurant, I knew it was going to be a pleasant dinner.

Dionysus Mansion is located at 16th June Street 1945 in the center of Limassol, Cyprus. What’s distinctive about this restaurant is that it’s really in a cobblestone mansion. So being someone new in this island and who completely looks so different from the locals, I was intimidated at first going in to this restaurant. I feel like this is the kind of place exclusive for Cypriots or for certain group of people only. Good thing I was with my Greek colleague, Sophia who recommended this beautiful restaurant. She’s been in the country for 5 years now so she’s already part of the community, if I may say.

The interior of the restaurant is sophisticated, but the garden area is definitely my favorite part. The trees and the purple lights have elevated the place in a romantic level. Especially that time when we went there, the place was adoringly solemn. There were only few guests and the instrumental music in the background was just very soothing for a lovely dinner.

I ordered one of the dishes under their Empneusis Menu. The name of the food is in Greek writing but it’s Sous Vide Salmon with Dili and mustard sauce served with sauté spinach and seasonal vegetables. Pairing it with a red wine, I have to say my dinner was very delightful. I also like to give kudos to the waiters and the crew who were very smiling and accommodating at all times.

The restaurant also serves home-baked bread which are insanely delicious.
That dinner was also a special night for me and Sophia. It was our first dinner together (just us) when we truly bonded and got to know each other. We kind of have the same story where we went outside our home country to work and be completely independent. She’s truly a strong woman and she’s now one of my closest friends here in Cyprus. I couldn’t be grateful enough for her kindness in helping me around this country.

I would definitely come back in this restaurant and try their other dishes. I’ve heard they have some nights of which there are acoustic bands playing during dinner time. I would love to experience that as well. And maybe next time, I will take more photos for you guys to fully imagine how lovely this restaurant is.

Food Experience Rating: 9/10

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