28 September 2014

One Summer in September

September, as we all know in the Philippines is the climate for tropical monsoon and it's very seldom to experience a good sunny weekend. Thankfully, last Saturday was a good day for me and friends to go out for a pool party at one of the private houses with hot spring pool in Calamba, Laguna. And making the most of our day tour, I brought my GoPro Hero 3 to take underwater pics and videos. Here are few of my favorite shots! :-)

26 September 2014

Disneyland Hong Kong

Like every child’s fantasy, it’s also my dream to witness and experience Disneyland.  Though I know my age is no longer considered as a kid, I still feel like a young person at heart (always). One of my happy memories as a kid is watching Disney films because I’m such a fan of fairy tales and happy ending stories. And to finally see Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White and Simba in real life is like a dream come true to me.

25 September 2014

Learn and Dine at Gotti’s Ristorante

Do you know that most authentic Italian dishes only have four to eight ingredients? And that cheese and wine are the primary ingredients of their cuisine? I didn’t know about that not until last Saturday when we had our lunch at one of Italian restaurants inside the Mall of Asia Complex, Gotti’s Ristorante. Guess what else I’ve learned from this food trip, you better read more!

20 September 2014

Time, Money & Courage

It gets a little frustrating at times when you see your college or even high school batch-mates on Social Media sharing proud moments and having the time of their lives while you are trapped in the same old situation (deprived and a little unfulfilled). You can deny all you want but deep inside you know you desire to be as successful as they are. Hey, don’t worry. You’re not alone because I have this kind of sentiments too. It sucks, right? But one thing is for sure, we should not let this petty emotions get the best of us. I know there are still a lot of candles to burn but let’s embrace the experience and use it to be better than what we were before.

06 September 2014

Stick-O + Cookie Butter = Yummy

It’s a beautiful Saturday, isn’t it? For me, today is a perfect time to chill and relax in my sweet little apartment (God knows how much I missed staying at home like this). And what makes it even greater is that I have Stick-O (one of my favorite kiddie food) in the basket for my afternoon snack while watching my favorite reality TV shows. Then I saw the Speculoos Cookie Butter at the top of our refrigerator so I thought of dipping the Stick-O in it. Hmmm…Oh yes! It tasted insanely good together. These scrummy mushed cookies must have been useful for so many sweet things. Stick-O + Cookie Butter = Yummy! :-)

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