31 August 2018

Wine Festival Limassol | Obsession meets Culture

Last night marks the opening ceremony of the Wine Festival 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. It is a 10-day continuous wine festivity held in the Limassol’s Municipal Gardens where locals and foreigners from every part of the island country come together not just to taste delectable wines but also to celebrate a significant tradition of the Cypriot culture.

The Wine Festival Limassol this year starts from 31st of August until 9th of September, 07:00 PM to 11:30 PM daily with an entrance fee of only EUR 5 for adults 18 years old & above and EUR 3 for ages 6-18 years old. With that fee, you get 20% off all bottled wines (applies to 1 bottle, excluding Commandaria) from ETKO, LOEL, KEO or SODAP wineries. Also, in this year’s festival, they have organized exciting programs which include magic shows, theatrical performances, musical activities, display of vintage automobiles, caricature exhibitions and a lot more!

With the intention to give all visitors the best wine-tasting experience, they are selling wine glasses for only EUR 1.50 or if you like the classic wine glass with stem, it’s only for EUR 2.50. Actually, all you need is just a wine glass and you’re good to go! Because all the wines offered to all visitors is free of charge and you can taste different wines as much as you can! This is given as a compliment of the Limassol Municipality to all wine lovers like me and you.

Apart from wines, there are also several food selections offered inside the gardens. I tried the chicken souvlaki with potato fries, bread and salad for only EUR 8. And of course, with a pair of local red wine!

They have also organized a free bus service to the location for all visitors coming from different cities of Cyprus. But of course, you need to make a booking ahead of time to reserve a seat.


I have always loved wine but it’s just this year after my trip in Italy, I started to have a sense of obsession for it. My personal favorite is a sweet Rose wine as I love anything that’s sophisticatedly sweet. That is why I am so happy that Cyprus has various of wine options where I can explore different taste of it. Hence, I took advantage of the Wine Festival and bought a bountiful selection of sweetened wines from Ayia Mavri where it’s renowned for its high-quality and delicately produced wines. Well I guess my following nights will be more endearing and romantic with these wines I got, do you want to join me? ;-)

There you go – if you and your family or friends love wines, then you should pay a visit to this Festival. As for me, I had a great time engaging with the Cypriot culture and on top of that, I got to relish my obsession for wine! :-)

Cyprus is also prominent for production of wine thus the festival also allows visitors to experience the Grape Stomping. 


  1. I would be so happy to participate in this Wine Festival! It must be an amazing event for everyone of us to be considered for joining.

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