13 May 2015

Philippines | The Temple of Leah (Cebu)

Located within the uphill landscape in Busay, Cebu City is a Roman-inspired temple that people lately are schmoozing about. A story about the undying love of a man for his wife is certainly worth the attention of anyone who believes in love. And as someone who trusts that love still lives beyond death, I find the Temple of Leah as a perfect illustration of true love that never ends.

The moment I walked through the curved entrance and drift at the ascending surface of the temple's entrance, I knew I was about to see a no ordinary architecture. From the steep flight of stairs to towering columns and intricate carvings to honorific statues, anyone could imagine that it must be somewhere in ancient Greece!

Although the temple is still under construction, I personally think it didn't blemish its magnificence. Instead, the unpainted walls and untreated ceilings accentuate the vintage feeling of this beautiful sanctuary. Nonetheless, I'm still excited how would this romantic temple looks like when it's painted and done. For sure by then, it would be a perfect location for photo shoots and special events.

A close up photo of the honorific statue of Leah Villa Albino-Adarna

I still don't know how far one can go when it comes to love but evidently for Mr. Teodorico Adarna (owner of Temple of Leah) he embellished his commitment for his late wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna by putting up a temple in commemoration of her. Some might think it is too much for a devotion but for me, love knows no boundaries. If you truly love a person, I guess no one can define what and when is too much.

After being featured on TV few months ago, the Temple of Leah has just added to the latest must-see destinations in Cebu. Though I know most tourists prefer to go to white sand beaches which Cebu is known for, I still think visiting this temple would give some people a new sense of adventure! Hey, you don't get a taste of ancient Greece to date elsewhere besides the Temple of Leah in Cebu! :-)

Going to the Temple of Leah is easy. You can either bring your own car and drive straight to Roosevelt Street in Brgy. Busay or hire a motorcycle outside JY Square Mall in Lahug for a fee of 50 PHP or less depending on your negotiation with the driver. The temple is just few meters away after the Mountain View Nature's Park. The travel time is just about 15-20 minutes from the downtown. 

No entrance fee. The best time to visit the temple is during sunrise or sunset on weekdays. Apart from the temple, you also get to see the birds-eye view of metro Cebu from its open and wide space balcony. I can truly say, this is a perfect spot when you need a break and want some time alone.

For more information, visit their Facebook page:
or contact them at (032) 233 5032


  1. Anything else aside from the temple? Is there any food stalls uphill?

    1. At the moment, it's just the temple. But if you're feeling hungry, you can go to Lantaw Restaurant (Busay) or the Mountain View Nature's Park which are just few minutes away from Temple of Leah.

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