14 May 2015

On The Bright Side

Last Friday was definitely one the brightest days this summer in Cebu. Hence, my friends and I went for an uphill adventure at the Temple of Leah not only to witness this European inspired temple but also to take advantage of the location for a portrait photo shoot. I brought with me my EF 50 MM lens hoping we can achieve a decent focus range pictures. Take a look. :-)

What fascinates me more about the Temple of Leah is the romantic-vintage vibe it gives. It looks like we are in a completely different country but who would have thought this temple is just situated few minutes from Metro Cebu. 

Obviously, we are not camera shy. Not that we are over confident of ourselves but because we had the entire temple to move around and pose. We got comfortable and took the moment. Thus, we let our positive inner aura shined through. 

Christie Mae Baño
"Focus on your feelings, not on the flaws. Why dwell on little bumps along the way when you have a lot to be thankful for."

Rhea Vicera and Bema Allende Conol

The sun was shining so bright. The sky was perfectly white. And yeah, we are on the bright side! :-)

Thank you for visiting my blog. To know more about the Temple of Leah, just click here.


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