22 May 2015

Turning 26 at La Union

Birthday for me is the best time to relax and look back at the memories before moving to a new chapter of one’s life. Thus, I prefer to travel during my birthday than celebrate it over a party at some fancy restaurants. So this year I decided to celebrate my special day at San Juan, La Union because it has one of the most beautiful sunset views by the beach in Northern Luzon. And since it’s not surfing season, the place was not that crowded making it more a relaxing and peaceful place to enjoy. Yes, I had a quiet but still happy birthday. :-)

San Juan, La Union is about 7-hour land trip away from Metro Manila. People normally go there for surfing but last weekend, we went there  just to relax and unwind with no activities had in mind. For this birthday, I just wanted to embrace the moment and be open to unknown possibilities await. As I believe that sometimes in life, the best moments are unplanned. Agree?

What I love about my birthday is that most of the time it never rains. That's why I love spending it at the beach. Last 2013, I had my 24th birthday at Boracay Island then just last year, I went surfing at Baler, Aurora. And this time baby, it's La Union! Whooah! I guess I'm having a beachy kind of life. 

Though this year is not as jam-packed as the previous birthdays I had, I still couldn't think of any better way to celebrate it with just pure relaxation. I knew that I needed this vacation to relieve myself from all the stressful things surrounding me at work and personal life. Indeed, it was the perfect time to recompose myself and reevaluate my future plans.

Here's my best friend, Rhea who I also call "Yop!"

I may have earned another year for myself but I still feel there are a lot of things I need to take and a lot more decisions to make. Like anybody else, I'm also scared to fail but this year I promised to release all my inhibitions and just go for what I really want.

"Learning is never easy. We commit mistakes, we fail... but we learn. We need to be pushed down hard so we will have more room when we work our way up. So when you feel that things aren't going as planned, be grateful for they may be blessings in disguise. The way up may be longer, but the view, and everything else gets better when you reach the top. You'll eventually realize that everything, including the pain, was worth it." - Myke Celis

Celebrating my birthday with the closest people in my life right now.
From L to R: Bema, Rhea, Me and MJ.
The past 25 years has been a rolling coaster for me but I’m very grateful to all my experiences for it molded me become the person that I am now.  Although there’s still a lot more I need to know and explore, I just think I’m more ready now to face uncertainties and even braver to face new challenges to come. For wherever I go and whatever I do, I know God will always be there with me. :-)

Me and MJ "MonMon"

Our home for 3 days, "The Little Surfmaid Resort" 

Happy birthday to me! :-)

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