05 October 2018

Italy | Getting Inspired by the Beauty of Rome

Do you ever feel sometimes you want to be in a place where you can just forget all the pressures of being an adult and just be inspired to live life? In my case, I do feel most of the time lately this year. So few months ago, I decided to go on a trip to Rome and my main goal was simple: to let loose. Meaning, to fully enjoy the travel without stressful thinking. It’s when I allowed myself to break free, I was able to discover more about me.

Rome is such a gorgeous city and I can say that it’s a good place for soul searching. On my first day, I just walked around the city and indulged myself to its beauty. Felt like every corner and streets I’d been is an art. Its history has truly cultivated Rome to be exquisite and inspiring.

The first attraction I went to is the Trevi Fountain. It is said to be the oldest water source in Rome and there is a superstitious belief about throwing coins in the fountain. If you throw one coin from your right hand backwards over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome. If two coins, a new romance will come to you and if three coins, it leads to marriage. I didn’t throw any coins in the fountain however I know in my heart, I will be back there again.

Then I went to the Piazza di Spagna or commonly known as the Spanish Steps where I dawdled most of my time observing people from different walks of life and contemplating about what sets myself apart from others. Then I realized that I am not different from everyone. Though we all take different paths in life, we are all heading to the same purpose and that is to find happiness.

As I waited for the sundown, I remembered my childhood days when I was timid and not comfortable to go in a crowded place by myself. Little do people know that as a kid, I was not that confident to be surrounded with people especially those who are not on the same age range as mine. Never would have I thought that I’d be able to manage to go alone in a crowded city like Rome where it’s packed with diverse individuals. Though I feel that I still have that kind of shyness in me, I believe I have grown somehow and developed a level of courage to allow myself integrated in different cultures and communities.

The next day I’ve decided to just walk along from the streets of Veneto down to Via Della Stamperia and I stopped by into a small barbershop named “Hair”. No one was inside but an old charming guy who greeted me “Buongiorno Signore”. He hardly speaks English but we got along by simply exchanging of smiles and the word “sì”. He was talking a lot to me while taking care of my hair and if there’s one thing I probably understood from him that is in Rome, it is important to be beautiful. I really like that guy. Grazie Signore!

As I continue my day, I went to the Mausoleum of Hadrian or commonly known as the Castel Sant'Angelo. They said it used to be a fortress for the Popes before it became a museum. At the top of the castle, there’s a restaurant where you can have an overlooking of Rome and the Vatican City. I stayed there for a while then I went in the park outside the fort where one street musician caught my attention. He is a flutist who played one of my favorite love songs, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. It was purely dreamy! It made me realized that I’m a believer of romance and fairy tales – hoping someday I’ll find one.

Rome is truly a masterpiece! It used to be just an image of painting but being there was a whole new level of art. The place is a symbol of artistic and cultural influences. Sharing here are the photos of other places I walked into while in Rome.

I was alone in Italy on the first three days then my best friend, Rhea came. I will be blogging soon about our visit to the Colosseum, Vatican City and our short trip to Pisa. Gosh, there’s so much to blog about Italy!

Overall, my trip in Rome is one of the best. I was able to let loose and get inspired by its beauty. If there’s one thing that Rome has taught me that is history has made the city known and remarkable to the world but what's more important is what it is now. The remains of its past have created marvelous works of art that are given so much value today. That tells me it’s okay to look back and be reminded of how we were before and use it to appreciate our lives today.

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