The Sunset Guy and His Quest to 100 Countries

Hi. I’m John Mark Calderon, a Filipino Accountant who also finds a penchant for writing and photography. My ultimate goal in life is to travel to 100 countries before I turn 35 years old. And I created this blog to share my journey to motivate, inspire, educate and entertain people. 

As a person, I never limited myself from exploring what the world has to offer. I find happiness in meeting new people, travelling to awesome places, trying all kinds of food cuisines and experiencing splendid adventures. I have the soul of a man who will buckle down and explore all avenues just to make my life meaningful.

Current Location: Cyprus

Why “The Sunset Guy”?  Ever since I am fascinated with sunset than sunrise. People may say the latter signifies a new day to hope but I chose the symbolism of sundown as an inspiration to be better for tomorrow.

Whenever I see sunset, I'm always reminded of how wonderful life is and how beautiful to be alive.

Purpose: I have crafted this blog to share my personal experiences and hopefully inspire people. I want to prove that humans have to live their destiny: to materialize what our heart truly desires no matter how far-fetched and unconventional it may be.

The Sunset Guy Logo: 

From afar, you’ll see a target symbol which signifies my mission for this blog and that is to travel to 100 countries and be able to share that experience to everyone.The stripes symbolize my passion that was hiding behind bars. In the past, I used to question my potentials and ability in photojournalism and videography. But now I believe I found the strength to try and I’m determined to succeed more than ever! At the middle of the logo (if you zoom in), there is a Sun indicating my fascination for sunsets. Covering the Sun is a net of a dream-catcher which represents myself as a big dreamer and achiever. Then at the very center is a letter “G” which represents the Guy behind this blog that is me and “G” also means God whom I always put at the center of my life.Green because it’s the color of my birthstone, Emerald. Green represents the color of life, nature and money. Hence, it’s my lucky color!

Top 8 destinations I want to visit: 

Santorini, Greece (✔ visited)

 Aurora Borealis in Tromsø, Norway (✔ visited)

Cappadocia, Turkey (✔ visited)

Madrid, Spain (✔ visited)

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan (✔ visited)

Cinque Terre, Italy

Times Square, New York, US

Ultimate dream: I have a thousand of dreams in mind but all I ever wanted is to make my life meaningful and that is through visiting 100 countries/territories in my lifetime!

I will take you in my journey through this blog. So let's stay connected!

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If you want to help me reach my dreams, show some love and support. :-)


  1. Are you from Oroquieta? :)

    1. Nope. But my mother's hometown is in Clarin which is less than an hour away to Oroquieta. :-)

  2. I really like your blog :)

  3. Wow! What a passionate writer and traveler , I am proud of you brother, you may not be that rich but remember Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Looking forward to join you on one of the places you want to visit :-)

    1. Thank you sis. Let's travel and conquer the world. :-)


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