08 July 2015

Japan | Shibuya Crossing (Tokyo)

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

I can finally say “Oh my gosh, I’m in Tokyo!” - The place known for being the safest major city in the world and rumored as the most expensive metropolitan. I’ve heard this place since my childhood years and I’ve seen it featured in some great movies like Lost in Transition and Resident Evil. So I’m really ecstatic and overwhelmed to actually set my foot in a city so stunning like Tokyo. 

Shibuya, of course, is the most famous area in Tokyo not only because it’s surrounded by all sort of ritzy shopping centers but also it has the busiest junction not just in Japan but probably in the entire Asia. So I’m not surprised why most people considered it as the counterpart of Times Square in New York City. It is populous and extensively occupied with high rise buildings and colorful outdoor advertisements.

Historically, Shibuya was used to be a site of a castle where an affluent Japanese family resided. But when the country realized the urge for modernization, they transformed Shibuya into one of the most commercialized and profit-oriented place in the world. So now, people within and across other nations come to this place for business, education, fashion, entertainment and more. 

Most young people come to Shibuya because of its fashion centers and nightlife attractions. 

The best spot to observe this moment of organized chaos in Shibuya crossing is at Starbucks on the second floor of Q-front building. Over there, you’ll see why Shibuya is also known as “The Scramble”. But since I want to share now with you how fascinating it was, I took some pictures for your imagination. Enjoy!

Ready, Set...


"The Scramble"

Of course the travel experience wont be completed without taking a walk across the famous intersection in Shibuya, so I had a share of this moment too. Together with hundreds or maybe thousands of pedestrians surged into the crossing when the traffic light turned red, I felt like strutting with people from all walks of life. But take note, few photographers around the world are taking a snapshot of every moment of this passage so during my walk, I know I must be camera ready! :-p 

"Yes – I made it! "
This guy seemed to be camera ready too.

Hurrah - That's a wrap! The experience may be short and simple but surely it’s memorable for me. Oh come on, I still can’t believe “I’m in Tokyo!” :-D

Oh! This shot is for my Facebook profile pic! ;-)
FYI. The best way to go to Shibuya Crossing is by taking the JR Yamanote Line to Shibuya station. Then look for the exit heading to Hachiko. If you came from Ikebukuro station, it will only cost you 190 Yen.

It is advised to be familiarized with Tokyo’s subway system but if you still get lost (which probably you will), don’t hesitate to ask directions from any personnel in the train station. Japanese are really kind people and they will do their best to help you.

Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita! どうもありがとうございました


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