13 August 2018

What’s in Cyprus?

Nestled in the eastern basin of Mediterranean Sea is a reserved island country rich in geological events, prehistoric places and ancient stories. This place is known to have the earliest human activity on the dates to around 10,000 BC. Thus, if you are into the world history and you endeavor to have a deeper understanding of human evolution, this country could be one of your must-explore destinations. And this island country is no other than Cyprus or Κύπρος in Greek.

21st of January 2018, the day I arrived in Cyprus and it was around 10°C at that time.
This is my first picture in Limassol Marina.

It was seven months ago when I was reassigned here in Cyprus (Limassol) for work. It may not be one of those countries I imagined myself building my career, I’m intrigued on what this island country has to offer. Though Cyprus is known in the world history, I still feel that few people don’t know much about this beautiful country. Well, I can’t blame them because there’s not much Social Media buzz about Cyprus comparing to other countries in this modern world. So, let me give you a short information about Cyprus.

Official Country Name: Republic of Cyprus
Geographic Location: Southeast of Greece, South of Turkey, Northwest of Israel and North of Egypt
Demonym: Cypriot
Vernacular Language (Southern): Cypriot Greek
Capital and Largest City: Nicosia
Population: 1.2M (2018 Estimate - www.geoba.se)
Climate: Subtropical Climate – Mediterranean

One of Cyprus's iconic buildings, The Oval. Located in Limassol and said to be the tallest commercial tower in island country.

If there’s one word I can describe Cyprus, it will probably be “Demure”. Why? – Because living here so far makes me feel like old-fashioned and reserved – kind of similar to the province where I spent my childhood in the Philippines. The life here is simple and a little bit slow paced –– just right for the elderly or those with family. Most shops close at 18:00-20:00, no trains or metro but they have Public Busses which usually the last trip is at 19:30 on weekdays and then Sundays here are very quiet particularly in non-touristy areas. Probably for those who want to settle down and want to live in a harmless and peaceful location, Cyprus is the place to be.

Another interesting thing about Cyprus is their working schedule. In exception to the tourist areas, a number of shops and supermarkets here observes a half-day closing on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and close on Sunday. Also, salons and barbershops are usually close on Thursday and Sunday. I like the fact that Cyprus values the importance of proper rest from work especially for blue-collar workers here. But this doesn’t apply to me as I am an extremely workaholic person regardless which country I am, and I hate that about myself! :-D

Ok, I may have described Cyprus as a demure country but just like most demure people I know, it has a wild side as well. Cyprus may seemingly be shying away from the contemporary world; this island county has its own flavor when it comes to entertainment and partying. I had a little taste of what party is like here which I will blog about in my next posts. But I have to say, people here can go all the way crazy when it comes to having fun and I love that about them! 

During the Carnival Festival last February 2018
Pride Parade in Nicosia last June 2018

Guaba Beach Bar - known for having the best summer party in Limassol

Also one of the must-go bars in Limassol, Breeze Summer Club

The touristy areas of Cyprus offer various attractions and places for both locals and foreign travelers. From prehistorical sites to mythical beaches and from backpackers to hipsters, this island country is truly worth exploring. And yes, I will definitely write about them soon. Meanwhile, let me share with you a glimpse of some of those places.

Tombs of the Kings in Paphos
Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa
Kelefos Bridge in Troodos Mountains
Saripolou in Old Town Limassol
Limassol Marina
Aphrodite's Rock (Petra tou Romiou) in Paphos

Cyprus is truly a beautiful country. Though it is not the place (yet) where I can see myself staying for the longest time, I have slowly developed a little love and sense of belonging to the community. I believe I’m still relatively new in this country and there are so many things I still need to experience and explore. For that, I am excited to share my experience and let the world know about this amazing country. :-)

I’ve always visualized my career progressing in a place of concrete jungle and modern cityscape. But for some reasons, life has brought me here and I’m continually questioning why. That’s one mystery I’m so keen to find out. Just like the title of this post, What’s in Cyprus?

Stay tune for more blog post about Cyprus soon!

Short Trivia: My name is actually derived from a biblical character “John Mark” who happened to assist Paul the Apostle in his First Missionary Journey to Cyprus. This sounds so strange, but maybe I’m here to unravel that mission that Paul and John Mark started –– No, I don’t think so. :-p


  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! There are so many reasons to fall in love with Cyprus! I'm in everlasting love with its beaches! From the quiet backwaters of the western peninsula, to the lively resorts in the east, the island has something for everyone. My favorite one is Paramali beach, as it is one of the quiet beaches of Cyprus. What about you?

  2. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip with us! Your photos are fabulous! Cyprus is one love for me. I'm a big fan of diving and Cyprus has one of the world's widely acknowledged top 10 wreck diving sites, you may click here to read more about them. Have you ever tried diving? Don't know why, but I think you'll be impressed. It's really worth trying, believe me :)


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