12 August 2018

I am writing again

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how to start this blog again but what I know is that I should have not neglected something I am passionate about. Been telling myself for the past two years to do blogging once more but my focus was on my career and unfortunately, I’ve let it consume me in a drastic way. But now I hope I’m awaken and firmly ready to sail across the blogging world again! Though I am a little bit apprehensive where will this take me, I am thrilled on the thought that I’m starting over again. I see it as a new lease of life so I’m going to push harder my luck this time and I hope I would be able to break new ground!

The Sunset Guy
I wouldn’t say that there will be huge changes on this blog, but I guess my maturity and new experiences would add some excitement on how I will make it more meaningful to readers. I am a blogger who continually hones my skills in writing and photography with the purpose to bring smile and inspire people. I want to share how I see the world in delightfully different way and make everyone grasps on the brighter side of things.

“Our lives are temporary but the impact we have on others is permanent. Make the most of your existence. Give joy to others, share your blessings, touch lives. It’s only when you make a difference in the lives of others that your memory lives on long after you’ve passed on.” – from the book “100 Life Lessons”

For me, blogging is not for everyone. Some people seem to find blogging easy but in its real essence, it’s more than just compilation of words and pictures.  A blogger should be able to get across his/her thoughts in a way that reflects both reality and dreams. And when it comes to content, I believe it’s important that it’s well-thought and substantial. In my blog, I want to share personal experiences and tell my story that could be motivating, educating, inspiring or entertaining to people. I am a happy person and I want to share that happiness to whoever comes around here in my blog.

I came from a culture where being open-minded and respectful are important. Hence, those are my core values of this blog. No prejudice and racist allowed! :-)

I would really like to take this blog seriously this time. I’ll use this hobby as an outlet to step out from the hectic situation at work and let people see that even if I am an Accountant, I'm far from being too serious and I have a crazy side of me as well. I am sure that most of my close friends would really agree on me taking this space for myself. They are truly my motivators and as I am writing this blog, they are at the back of my mind – cheering and supporting me all through out. I just really love my friends. Shout-out to Rhea, Sai and Fam for encouraging me to do this again. :-)

Yes! The Sunset Guy is back -- Stronger, bolder and hopefully wiser! :-p 

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