23 May 2015

Philippines | La Union

The month of May is definitely special not only because it’s my birthday but also I got to spend summer at the beach with people who are so dear to me. Here are few of my favorite GoPro shots taken at La Union few days ago. We had so much F-U-N. :-) 

22 May 2015

Turning 26 at La Union

Birthday for me is the best time to relax and look back at the memories before moving to a new chapter of one’s life. Thus, I prefer to travel during my birthday than celebrate it over a party at some fancy restaurants. So this year I decided to celebrate my special day at San Juan, La Union because it has one of the most beautiful sunset views by the beach in Northern Luzon. And since it’s not surfing season, the place was not that crowded making it more a relaxing and peaceful place to enjoy. Yes, I had a quiet but still happy birthday. :-)

14 May 2015

On The Bright Side

Last Friday was definitely one the brightest days this summer in Cebu. Hence, my friends and I went for an uphill adventure at the Temple of Leah not only to witness this European inspired temple but also to take advantage of the location for a portrait photo shoot. I brought with me my EF 50 MM lens hoping we can achieve a decent focus range pictures. Take a look. :-)

13 May 2015

Philippines | The Temple of Leah (Cebu)

Located within the uphill landscape in Busay, Cebu City is a Roman-inspired temple that people lately are schmoozing about. A story about the undying love of a man for his wife is certainly worth the attention of anyone who believes in love. And as someone who trusts that love still lives beyond death, I find the Temple of Leah as a perfect illustration of true love that never ends.

11 May 2015

A short but sweet vacation with friends in Bantayan Island, Cebu

The saying “distance means so little when someone means so much to you” is true.  And I believe that as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part.

Last weekend, my closest college friends and I gathered in Bantayan Island, Cebu for a reunion we have planned since months ago. Our friends who work from different cities here and abroad came together for this one weekend getaway. Though there were a lot of discussions and indecisions (in short for drama) happened beforehand, everything still turned out beyond great - Thank God! hehehe I guess drama will always be part of our friendship and maybe that’s also something we love about each other. Thus, our contrasting opinions and misunderstandings truly keep our relationship open and real – that made us not just friends but also a family at heart.

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