11 May 2015

A short but sweet vacation with friends in Bantayan Island, Cebu

The saying “distance means so little when someone means so much to you” is true.  And I believe that as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part.

Last weekend, my closest college friends and I gathered in Bantayan Island, Cebu for a reunion we have planned since months ago. Our friends who work from different cities here and abroad came together for this one weekend getaway. Though there were a lot of discussions and indecisions (in short for drama) happened beforehand, everything still turned out beyond great - Thank God! hehehe I guess drama will always be part of our friendship and maybe that’s also something we love about each other. Thus, our contrasting opinions and misunderstandings truly keep our relationship open and real – that made us not just friends but also a family at heart.

Bantayan Island is about 4-hour travel by land and sea from the central city of Cebu. We were worried at first for our friend, Fatima whose arrival flight from Dubai was also the same date of our reservation at the resort. I can’t imagine how she managed to travel for more than 12 hours in air, land and sea just to be with us. Thankfully, the universe conspires in helping her survive the stressful transition from nation to nation and the transportation from airplane to ferry. Good job Fatima, you are indeed a superwoman! :-)

Fatima still managed to pose after a long and tiring travel from Dubai to Bantayan Island. "Ikaw na talaga!"

We stayed at the Coral Blue Oriental Villas and Suites for two days and one night only. Yes, it was short but definitely a sweet vacation! In spite of the limited time, we spent each moment like no other. 

Our night was filled with catch ups and two bottles of tequila. (Yikes!) We intended to spend this get together just as crazy as we used to do in college. And since none of us brought our individual partners, we had the entire night to be completely wild and free.  Oh yeah!

Girls having a make-up 101 with Fatima

Gifts from Dubai. Thanks Fam!

None of us got drunk..Waaaah losers! :-p

We recollected few of our memories back in the days – some were the good ones but most were the embarrassing experiences we still wish we never had. Then we exchanged stories of our present lives may it be about our family, career or love life. I have to say that in some ways, we didn’t just grow old by age but we also mature as a person. But if there’s one thing we all learn on that night, it would be that “gravity is faster than acceleration.” (???) You would probably ask me what it means. Hahaha Trust me, I had the same question when our friend Rhea (the master of corny jokes) shared that quote to us. According to her, gravity is defined as the falling of an object while acceleration refers to the increase in speed of something. Just like in life, it is easy to fall in love than to move on from a heartbreak. I know it sounds corny but I have to admit that it does make sense, doesn’t it? Hahaha Bravo Rhea! Bravo!

John - That is me. 

Joebelle - Adoring, Loud, Perky, "Maldita"

Fatima - Sweet, Daring, Crazy, Stubborn when it comes to guys

Ysai - Outspoken, Caring, Hard-working, Has a tendency to be silly when in love

Ryan - Man with principle, Strong, Articulate, Confident but could be annoying at times

Karen - Fashionista, Tough, Frank, Appeared to be "maarte" but actually very down-to-earth

Rhea - Good listener, defender, Silent but deadly
Vanessa - Cool, Charming, Behind those pretty eyes is a story

We are a group of outrageous personalities who manage to love one another like brothers and sisters. Some people may have judged us for how we look and what we do but our relationship as friends will never be tarnished no matter what they do

Breakfast and ladies

Sunscreen lotions all over our faces :-p

Feels like we're the only people in the entire beach resort

Our lives may have been separated because of the different career paths we chose but the friendship we built together will always remain deep and strong. I am just so happy to have people like them who I can be completely honest and open about anything in this world. Thank you guys!

Until then. I can’t wait for our next vacation! XoXo :-)


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