20 August 2018

Cyprus | The Tombs of the Kings

In the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus lies a monumental location where you’ll see underground tombs that are said to be the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high-ranking officials during the 4th Century BC. This place is named as The Tombs of the Kings and it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Contrary to its name, there were no actual Kings buried in this place but because of its grandeur and magnificence, the locals trademarked the place with a grand name.

How to go to the Tombs of the Kings by bus from Limassol:

I visited the place with my best friend (Rhea) on the 4th Saturday in June this year when it’s Summer. We took the Intercity bus (Route Limassol – Paphos) from the bus stop in Agios Georgios Havouzas Church in Limassol going to Karavella Station in Paphos. We paid EUR 4 each for the single trip and the travel took us approximately 45 minutes only. From the Karavella Station, we walked for around 10-15 minutes towards the main site of the Tombs of the Kings. We just followed the google maps as guide, but I think if we opted to take a cab, it would only take us 5-minute drive.

You may also take the same bus going back to Limassol. To know the timetable of the intercity bus trip, visit http://www.intercity-buses.com.

Intercity Bus in Karavella Station in Paphos

The entrance fee for the Tombs of the Kings is only EUR 2.50 per head. During Summer (16 April – 15 September), the operating hours is from 8:30 to 19:30. For the other dates, they are open from 8:30 to 17:00 and closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Eastern Sunday (Orthodox).

Tips: Before you get inside the site, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and you have water with you as the place requires a lot of walking. Also, in the ticketing area you will find the WC or water closet. It would be better to have yourself ready before the excavation, so you would not be running back to the entrance area if you need to do something.

When we went in the site, there were quite a few tourists also visiting. Most of them I think are in tour package while some are having pictorials around the place. And of course, we are one of those having photo shoots for the blog! :-D

I think it only took us 1 and half hour to fully explore the place. But we saw some people who brought some blankets and lingered on the grasses or near the shores. Given the story behind this monumental site, it’s not only a place for exploration and education but I guess it could also be a venue where family and friends can gather.

I believe the Tombs of the Kings is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus. Exploring the place made me see how it feels like to live during Hellenistic and Roman Period. The fact that I am not a historian or an archaeologist, yet I was able to set my foot in this historical place, is just an amazing experience. The Tombs of the Kings is absolutely fascinating!


  1. Your photos look magnificent! Thanks for sharing your exciting story with us! People often say that you only need to scratch the soil anywhere in Cyprus to find traces of its magnificent past. And it's so true! Cyprus has an enormously rich and varied history. Personally for me it looked like a living book of pictures taken from world history.

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