25 August 2014

Going Rarely Brown

Brown is the color of rich soils, the skin of most animals and the pieces of sweet caramels yet I find it seldom for most people to consider brown as their favorite color. It is maybe because brown is more often associated by Europeans and Americans with rustic and poverty.  Actually, it is not also my personal favorite but sometimes I find this natural dark wood color relaxing to eyes. I don’t know why but whenever I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps, brown is most likely my preferred color to wear.

17 August 2014

Sunday Cooking Challenge I

Spicy Tuna with Potatoes & Egg

I normally save the weekend for watching movies and sleeping. But today, I decided to do something different – cooking! I admit that I’m not a food expert but people say I have a good taste when it comes to dishes. So I kinda put myself to test just to see if I can cook a dish out of simple ingredients. So ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you my first Sunday cooking recipe I named “Spicy tuna with potatoes and scrambled egg.”

04 August 2014

The Legendary Flavours of the Greeks

Greek cuisine is known for its wide use of olives, herbs, vegetables, various meats (lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork), cheese, eggplant, zucchini and yogurt. Typically, Greek served dishes with wines or anise-flavored liqueurs. Island Santorini Restaurant definitely incorporated all these ingredients to give us a taste of the legendary dishes of the Greeks. 

Greek Salad
Made with sliced potatoes,cucumbers, feta cheese and Kalamata olives. It is seasoned with salt & oregano and dressed with olive oil.

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