17 August 2014

Sunday Cooking Challenge I

Spicy Tuna with Potatoes & Egg

I normally save the weekend for watching movies and sleeping. But today, I decided to do something different – cooking! I admit that I’m not a food expert but people say I have a good taste when it comes to dishes. So I kinda put myself to test just to see if I can cook a dish out of simple ingredients. So ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you my first Sunday cooking recipe I named “Spicy tuna with potatoes and scrambled egg.”

Trust me, it is so simple to make. In fact, in less than 20 minutes, it's good to go! The ingredients are very basic and you can even just buy it at your nearest sari-sari store. Check out the below picture for the list of ingredients.

Ingredients: Hot & Spicy Tuna, egg, potatoes, onions, garlic and Magic Sarap all-in-one seasoning granules.
Once you have all the ingredients, the first thing you need to do is basically chop the onions, garlic and potatoes into smaller sizes. Personally I like when the seasonings are so small that I don’t even know that they have it in there. Next up, separate the tuna flakes from the soya oil. I’m referring to the soup that comes with the tuna inside the canned good. By the way, the soya oil has lots of flavour and for me it’s the most important component of my dish so I’m saving it for the later part of the cooking.

You have to cook the potatoes first then after 7-10 minutes, gently add the onions and garlic. Note that if you’re using a stove for cooking, keep it in medium heat temperature.

Then if you think, your seasonings are well cooked already, then it’s the time to put the tuna and egg in the frying pan. Stir all the ingredients for about 5 minutes and add “magic sarap” granules to the dish to add more flavour. Lastly, pour the tuna’s soya oil to the pan to complete the dish. And wow, you’re done!   

Spicy Tuna with Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs
Never thought my favorite spicy tuna could turned into more tasty and delectable dish.


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