25 August 2014

Going Rarely Brown

Brown is the color of rich soils, the skin of most animals and the pieces of sweet caramels yet I find it seldom for most people to consider brown as their favorite color. It is maybe because brown is more often associated by Europeans and Americans with rustic and poverty.  Actually, it is not also my personal favorite but sometimes I find this natural dark wood color relaxing to eyes. I don’t know why but whenever I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps, brown is most likely my preferred color to wear.

Two of my favorite brown pieces are my Bratpack bracelet and Sebago boat shoes. I usually match it with my purple Esprit watch and black Ray Ban sunglasses.

Last weekend, I went to Tagaytay just to relax and sip a coffee at Bag of Beans wearing my favorite wheat brown V-neck shirt. 

The Sunset Guy

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