31 July 2014

A Taste that will Last Forever

I love baby back ribs and if there's one restaurant that comes to mind whenever I crave for some roasted meat, I immediately think of Casa Verde Restaurant. For me, they serve that most juicy country-style pork ribs in Cebu City! Not to mention but their meat is tenderly cook and the inner surface of its rib cage is covered with luscious barbecue flavored sauce - very irresistable! That's why every time I order their Brian's ribs, I make sure I have more than one (1) cup of rice on my table. ;-p

Exaggerated but it is true -- once you tasted it, you will never forget it.

The Brian's Ribs (Php 233)
The restaurant's best-seller. Baked pork ribs with a sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with rice and corn & carrots.

Casa Verde
Type: American Casual Cuisine
Budget: Php 200 – 300
Location: 3/F Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces, Bohol Ave., Cebu City
Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (daily)

29 July 2014

One Life with Thousands of Chances

“Sometimes life is so good and sometimes life can be very tough. I have fallen so many times yet I’m still standing here believing that tomorrow is another chance.” 

Going through a quarter life crisis can be very draining. They said this is the perfect time to explore all avenues in achieving our dreams yet it is so risky that we might fall short of making the right decisions. Well, there’s no instant guarantee in this single life but rather than chasing your tail, I think it’s best to take courage to sail through something. Everything has a purpose and God gave us thousands of chances each day to be the best person we can be.

28 July 2014

Breakfast All Day, Everyday at IHOP

Fried eggs, bacon, hotdogs, pancake and more! – I just love the selection of food during breakfast meal. But for someone like me who doesn’t follow the standard mealtime due to my working schedule, I’m so pleased to know my office is near IHOP restaurant where they serve breakfast meal anytime of the day.

"Every day is a new beginning and most joyful moments start with a perfect meal.
- IHOP Restaurant 

Enchanted Kingdom Philippines

From the extreme drop tower to giant swing rides, last Saturday was definitely a day of all in fun and excitement for us.  And even though Enchanted Kingdom is almost 20 years old now, the amusement and pleasure it gives never really tainted. I think it’s a wonderful place to test your courage and audacity to overcome any heart-stopping activities that may come in our lives.

The Space Shuttle

For me, it’s the most extreme ride at EK and definitely not recommended for those who have a weak heart. It’s about 2-minute ride but every up-side-down turns is life-threatening. Not to brag but my friend (Eman) and I dared to ride this extreme adventure twice. And I have to say, the front row seats are the best position of this ride.

25 July 2014

Cambodia | Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is truly a wonderful masterpiece. Its work of art, beauty, culture and religion represent the fortitude of the Cambodian people. And behind those breathtaking defensive walls and moats are the history and mythological figures that the world proudly uncovered.  For that, I'm listing down 7 interesting things you might want to know about Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat
Siem Reap, Cambodia

24 July 2014

Baguio Bagnet of Cafe by the Ruins

Happy food truly knows how to make people difficult to think of unfriendly thoughts, right? Months ago, I went to Baguio City for a short vacation with blogger friends and one restaurant we opted to experience was Café by the Ruins. I tried the famous Baguio Bagnet because they said the restaurant is known for its delectable deep fried pork belly meat.

True enough! It’s the yummiest crispy deep fried pork in Baguio! What can I say? I’m literally pleased. :-p 

The Sunset Guy, Baguio Bagnet, Cafe by the Ruins
The Baguio Bagnet (Php280.00)
Baguio City's favorite double fried pork belly
(Tenderdized in lard then re-fried to a crisp).
Condiments are Padas Bagoong and Tomato relish.
Accompanied with Dinengdeng soup.
Café by the Ruins
Type: Asian Cuisine
Budget: Php 250 - 500
Location: 23 Chung  St., Baguio City, Benguet
Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily

23 July 2014

Philippines | Calle Crisologo (Vigan)

We all have our own old love stories to tell but the best way to reminisce it is to be in a place where you can get a sense of old feeling. Have you been in Calle Crisologo, Vigan, Ilocos Sur? I think it's a perfect place to contemplate the past. It's not just a simple cobbled street with ancentral house, the story of this town is also fascinating. 
The place is covered with cobbled-stone roads, Spanish ancestral houses and antique displays. It’s like the entire town is an open house exhibition of art and history. So cool!

20 July 2014

Thailand | The Golden Palace (Bangkok)

The City of Angels must have been the sun’s favorite place to shine on. Not only The Grand Palace of Bangkok settles perfectly in the heart of Thai Kingdom but it is also gifted with sunlight that illuminates the golden details of the entire complex. I have to say The Grand Palace is one of my most much-loved attractions in the capital city of Thailand.

For me, Phra Maha Prasat has the most beautiful architecture
and intricate details in the entire complex

18 July 2014

Happiness Makes More Real when Shared

Truth is, I'm not so much in to carbonated soft drinks but this "Share a Coke" campaign induces me to appreciate the product in a very personal way. In fact today, I bought 4 cans of coke with printings "Hottie", "Cutie", "Babe" and "Crush". And now I'm thinking whom shall I share it with. :-p

The Sunset Guy
I wanna make someone feel good today. Would you like to have one of these?

17 July 2014

Mr. Accountant Meets Denim

For someone who used to wear long-sleeves and ties, tossing on a denim jacket with a pair of jeans seems to be my least expected style. As an accountant, I wear formal attire every working day of my life but they say when it comes to fashion, a little rebellion sometimes can be good. hmmm...
John Mark Calderon
The ragged geek behind the bumper car

16 July 2014

Taking Breakfast to the Next Level at Early Bird Breakfast Club

No one says art can’t be in a form of food. Early Bird Breakfast Club (EBBC) best exemplifies how our favorite breakfast meal turned into a masterpiece!

The Early Bird Philosophy: Starting your day with good breakfast shapes the kind of day you'll have. At Early Bird Breakfast Club, we serve delicious and hearty breakfast one can enjoy in a cheerful and sunny ambiance; we inspire people to have a positive attitude to face whatever they need to do for the rest of the day. Having a positive outlook everyday is the key in living a happier life, and it all starts with a good breakfast. 
-by Early Bird Breakfast Club

15 July 2014

Not Everything Begins in the East

I wouldn’t be “The Sunset Guy” if sundown doesn’t fascinate me better than sunrise. The daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon may often regarded as an ending of something but for me it signifies a new journey that is about to begin. Although it’s traditional for most people to believe that every sunrise gives us one day to hope, I’d choose to trust the symbolism of sunset as an inspiration to be better for tomorrow.

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