28 July 2014

Breakfast All Day, Everyday at IHOP

Fried eggs, bacon, hotdogs, pancake and more! – I just love the selection of food during breakfast meal. But for someone like me who doesn’t follow the standard mealtime due to my working schedule, I’m so pleased to know my office is near IHOP restaurant where they serve breakfast meal anytime of the day.

"Every day is a new beginning and most joyful moments start with a perfect meal.
- IHOP Restaurant 

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about the restaurant but it was my first time to try the food at IHOP in SM Mall of Asia last night. At first I find the place a little intimidating because there were only 2 ladies dining inside when MJ and I got there. Well, I shouldn’t be wondering why most people don’t preferably eat breakfast meal during dinner time. Anyway, the restaurant is not that big compared to the other branches of IHOP I’ve seen from pictures online. Nonetheless, the IHOP in MOA is very homey and has a peaceful ambiance since it is quietly situated at the back of the mall facing the Manila Bay.

The lady attendant was very accommodating as she gave us comfortable seats inside the restaurant. And when the waitress handed us the menu, I was delighted because there are a lot of food selections and I find the prices just okay – I meant not that cheap nor expensive. Since I was very hungry last night, I immediately ordered one of the International Crepe Passport Combos that is Strawberry Banana Danish Fruit Crepe for PHP 295 and paired it with IHOP’s signature drink – Swiss Mocha Flavored coffee for PHP 145 while MJ picked one of IHOP’s Kids breakfast – The Funny Face for PHP 165. All the food orders are served after 10 minutes, newly-cooked and warm.

Strawberry Banana Danish Fruit Crepe
The International Crepe Passport Combo
Your choice of crepe served with two eggs, two bacon strips and pork sausage links.Other flavors are Nutella Crepe and Simple & FIT Seasonal Mixed Fruit Crepe

Swiss Mocha Flavored Coffee

The Funny Face
A big chocolate, chocolate-chip pancake with powdered sugar, maraschino cherry eyes and a whipped topping smile. Buttermilk version is also available.

I find the quality and quantity of their servings match its prices so I was very happy with my spending. My favorite is the Swiss Mocha Flavored coffee because of its balanced taste of unsweetened cocoa and vanilla. The pairing of the fruit crepe and bacon strips is a little odd but surprisingly delicious. Also, the restaurant’s pancakes taste heavenly good and it makes me more excited to try the other food choices the next time. :-)

Just when I thought we’re done, MJ deliberately asked for the menu again to order a dessert. I was full already but I know I still had some space for sweets in my pot.  He ordered one of IHOP’s favorite desserts – Chocolate Decadence for PHP 245. I really thought it was a cake but unexpectedly, it was served inside a wine cup filled with ice and chocolates. “Yummy”, that’s first word I said after my first teaspoon. :-p

Chocolate Decadence
IHOP's very own Butter Pecan Syrup, dark chocolate and white chocolate chips and maple candied bacon.

All in all, I was very satisfied with all the food we ordered. I would surely recommend IHOP Restaurant to my friends who love breakfast meals!

IHOP Restaurant
Type: American Casual Cuisine
Budget: Php 300 – 500
Location: SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd., Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (daily)


  1. Yummy.. the fried eggs look delicious I will definitely try out this recipe!!
    I love fried egg breakfast with tea and creamy donuts.. thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Stay healthy and safe.


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