18 July 2014

Happiness Makes More Real when Shared

Truth is, I'm not so much in to carbonated soft drinks but this "Share a Coke" campaign induces me to appreciate the product in a very personal way. In fact today, I bought 4 cans of coke with printings "Hottie", "Cutie", "Babe" and "Crush". And now I'm thinking whom shall I share it with. :-p

The Sunset Guy
I wanna make someone feel good today. Would you like to have one of these?
Filipinos are known for our warm hospitality because we feel the pleasure of entertaining our guests. Thus, sharing such happiness to one another makes it more special for us. And Coke has introduced a new way of making someone feel important - by just sharing a single can/bottle could make a sad face smile. :-)

No one shared me a coke today but buying it with the intention of sharing it to someone else makes me delighted and excited at the same time. A simple gesture of thoughtfulness can truly make such a difference.

You know who stands out from the crowd. :-)

Coca-Cola Philippines announces its aim to change the way of how people engage by simply sharing a can or bottle of coke printed with most popular Pinoy nicknames, terms of endearment and group names. This I considered a smart marketing campaign because despite warnings of soft drinks' harmful ingredients, Coke still serves best their friendly intentions.

All Coke merchandises are available at your nearest SM Grocery Stores.

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