16 July 2014

Taking Breakfast to the Next Level at Early Bird Breakfast Club

No one says art can’t be in a form of food. Early Bird Breakfast Club (EBBC) best exemplifies how our favorite breakfast meal turned into a masterpiece!

The Early Bird Philosophy: Starting your day with good breakfast shapes the kind of day you'll have. At Early Bird Breakfast Club, we serve delicious and hearty breakfast one can enjoy in a cheerful and sunny ambiance; we inspire people to have a positive attitude to face whatever they need to do for the rest of the day. Having a positive outlook everyday is the key in living a happier life, and it all starts with a good breakfast. 
-by Early Bird Breakfast Club

Picture after picture on Instagram, I guess food is the latest target of some creative artists nowadays. And as someone who has a love for art pieces, one restaurant captured my attention for its amazing food designs. So last Sunday, my partner and I deliberately went to Century City Mall where the nearest EBBC is located from our apartment. With so much good reviews about the restaurant, we went there with high expectations.

Relaxing garden ambiance – that’s my first impression about EBBC! There were green grass walls and flowery decorations outside the restaurant. From then on, I know it’s going to be an amazing food experience.  

The door opened and we were welcomed by beautiful smiling attendants. We headed over near the glass window for we think it has a perfect view of the restaurant and it has good lighting for food photography. Then a gentleman handed us the restaurant’s menu in a form of newspaper (very creative) with not only food choices but also positive and inspiring articles. I was very excited to try their food so these are what we ordered (see pictures below).

Viva Longganisa
4 pieces of heirloom-recipe longganisa served with Breakfast rice and your choice of egg.

Yin and Yang Champorado
Rich Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian white chocolate Champorado served with sweet toasted dilis on the side.

Nutella Hot Chocolate
One of Early Bird signature drinks.


All our food orders are served in a very artistic way. The Ying and Yang champorado definitely protruded for its food design as it literally formed the Chinese symbol of ying-yang. And oh, it is made up of Belgian chocolates so it’s very delicious. Also, my favorite is the Viva Longganisa because of its tasteful combination of sweet and salty skinless sausage with coarsely ground black peppercorns. Plus the garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg made the dish more bountiful. And for our drinks, we tried two of EBBC’s signature drinks – the Nutella Hot Choco and the butterbeer. Both were uniquely presented and it tasted really good…so good.

All in all, the Early Bird Breakfast Club goes beyond our expectations. With good quality and amazing designs, their food and beverages are all worthy to try. The food prices are so affordable and the service they provide is very good. The experience is really taking breakfast to next level.

And yes, this will not be the last post you’ll hear about EBBC. Until then!

The Early Bird Breakfast Club
Type: European, Filipino Cuisine 
Budget: PHP 300 to 500
Location: G/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Makati City
Hours: Everyday 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Contact: (02) 403-1897

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