24 July 2014

Baguio Bagnet of Cafe by the Ruins

Happy food truly knows how to make people difficult to think of unfriendly thoughts, right? Months ago, I went to Baguio City for a short vacation with blogger friends and one restaurant we opted to experience was Café by the Ruins. I tried the famous Baguio Bagnet because they said the restaurant is known for its delectable deep fried pork belly meat.

True enough! It’s the yummiest crispy deep fried pork in Baguio! What can I say? I’m literally pleased. :-p 

The Sunset Guy, Baguio Bagnet, Cafe by the Ruins
The Baguio Bagnet (Php280.00)
Baguio City's favorite double fried pork belly
(Tenderdized in lard then re-fried to a crisp).
Condiments are Padas Bagoong and Tomato relish.
Accompanied with Dinengdeng soup.
Café by the Ruins
Type: Asian Cuisine
Budget: Php 250 - 500
Location: 23 Chung  St., Baguio City, Benguet
Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily

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