31 August 2018

Wine Festival Limassol | Obsession meets Culture

Last night marks the opening ceremony of the Wine Festival 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. It is a 10-day continuous wine festivity held in the Limassol’s Municipal Gardens where locals and foreigners from every part of the island country come together not just to taste delectable wines but also to celebrate a significant tradition of the Cypriot culture.

The Wine Festival Limassol this year starts from 31st of August until 9th of September, 07:00 PM to 11:30 PM daily with an entrance fee of only EUR 5 for adults 18 years old & above and EUR 3 for ages 6-18 years old. With that fee, you get 20% off all bottled wines (applies to 1 bottle, excluding Commandaria) from ETKO, LOEL, KEO or SODAP wineries. Also, in this year’s festival, they have organized exciting programs which include magic shows, theatrical performances, musical activities, display of vintage automobiles, caricature exhibitions and a lot more!

20 August 2018

Cyprus | The Tombs of the Kings

In the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus lies a monumental location where you’ll see underground tombs that are said to be the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high-ranking officials during the 4th Century BC. This place is named as The Tombs of the Kings and it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Contrary to its name, there were no actual Kings buried in this place but because of its grandeur and magnificence, the locals trademarked the place with a grand name.

19 August 2018

A Lovely Dinner at Dionysus Mansion

I always have a thing about dinner because for me, it’s the most special meal of the day when you can truly enjoy and spend real quality time after a long day. So once in a while, I want to dine out in a special place where I can relax and have a lovely dinner.

Few nights ago, while walking on the streets of Limassol, we passed by Dionysus Mansion Restaurant where it’s known for its purple garden dining area. The moment I walked in the restaurant, I knew it was going to be a pleasant dinner.

13 August 2018

What’s in Cyprus?

Nestled in the eastern basin of Mediterranean Sea is a reserved island country rich in geological events, prehistoric places and ancient stories. This place is known to have the earliest human activity on the dates to around 10,000 BC. Thus, if you are into the world history and you endeavor to have a deeper understanding of human evolution, this country could be one of your must-explore destinations. And this island country is no other than Cyprus or Κύπρος in Greek.

12 August 2018

I am writing again

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how to start this blog again but what I know is that I should have not neglected something I am passionate about. Been telling myself for the past two years to do blogging once more but my focus was on my career and unfortunately, I’ve let it consume me in a drastic way. But now I hope I’m awaken and firmly ready to sail across the blogging world again! Though I am a little bit apprehensive where will this take me, I am thrilled on the thought that I’m starting over again. I see it as a new lease of life so I’m going to push harder my luck this time and I hope I would be able to break new ground!

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