15 July 2014

Not Everything Begins in the East

I wouldn’t be “The Sunset Guy” if sundown doesn’t fascinate me better than sunrise. The daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon may often regarded as an ending of something but for me it signifies a new journey that is about to begin. Although it’s traditional for most people to believe that every sunrise gives us one day to hope, I’d choose to trust the symbolism of sunset as an inspiration to be better for tomorrow.

I can hardly remember when I started to love the beauty of sunset but one thing is for sure, I never recall a single day of hating it. As this blog takes off, allow me to display some of my favorite sunsets that I personally photographed. I hope you’ll like it!

Boracay Sunset
Last year, I spent my 24th birthday at Boracay with my partner and best friend. It is a small island located in the Western Visayas of the Philippines where sunset is perhaps the most famous visual. The place offers fun and some extreme activities but the real entertainment starts when the sun sets down. It may be overrated but it’s true, “Boracay never sleeps”.

Occidental Mindoro Sunset
I never have known the beauty of Mindoro not until I’ve seen the sunset in Tayamaan Beach. Unlike other coastlines, it’s not crowded and has long wide plains where you can freely do anything you like. The province of Occidental Mindoro is located in MIMAROPA region in Luzon. The west of the province is the South China Sea and in its southwest is Palawan, across Mindoro Strait.

Manila Bay Sunset
The busiest place in the Philippines has also a solemn moment each day and little do people know that Manila has actually one of beautiful sunset views in the country. I’m so happy that I get to witness it every day as my current office is restfully located in Palm Coast Avenue where Manila Bay is just in front of our glass windows. 

Camotes Island Sunset
Located in one of the Islets in Cebu, a beautiful paradise can be found. I have no exact words to describe its magnificence but for me, Mangodlong Beach in Camotes Island serves the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen so far.

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