20 February 2016

UAE | Dubai – A Hazy Morning And An Astonishing Skyline View

It was around 7 in the morning Wednesday this week when a mysterious fog covered the entire city of Dubai. I was heading to the office through a metro ride when I noticed a weird haze wrapping around the streets and buildings. At first I didn’t know whether I should be alarmed or not by such strange weather condition but people seemed relax about what’s going on. So maybe it was just a normal thing during winter here in Dubai. But since it was my first time to witness such misty atmosphere, I was amused and excited to capture the moment.

The time I got out from the train, I was so thrilled to feel the surroundings. It was cold and foggy everywhere. I loved the chill and I’d never been that excited to walk towards our office building before. But then I realized my wardrobe was not appropriate for the weather so I kept on rubbing both my hands together to help warm myself. I was not prepared for that to happen but I could care less because I was enjoying the moment. 

When I arrived at the office, I went immediately to the window pane to gaze at the city’s atmosphere. Our office is on the 39th floor so I have the best view of the city’s skyline. As I looked over, I was in awe of what I saw.  It was absolutely astonishing and I don’t know what else to describe the view.

Dubai, UAE 17 Feb 2016 Wednesday (7 AM to 10 AM) 
A hazy morning and an astonishing skyline view!


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