20 September 2014

Time, Money & Courage

It gets a little frustrating at times when you see your college or even high school batch-mates on Social Media sharing proud moments and having the time of their lives while you are trapped in the same old situation (deprived and a little unfulfilled). You can deny all you want but deep inside you know you desire to be as successful as they are. Hey, don’t worry. You’re not alone because I have this kind of sentiments too. It sucks, right? But one thing is for sure, we should not let this petty emotions get the best of us. I know there are still a lot of candles to burn but let’s embrace the experience and use it to be better than what we were before.

Time. That’s definitely one of our concerns with so many desirable things to achieve. But as years passed by, we came to realize age should not be associated with success. I believe we don’t have to force ourselves to earn a million before turning 30. Yes it’s probable but it could also be practically impossible. Well, I say it’s best to enjoy life while being patient and working hard at the same time in achieving whatever we want to have in life. So what if we are already at 40 or 60, it doesn't really matter when we finally have it. 

Money. People say money can make us travel the world, buy us mansions, own fancy cars or simply saying it could give us happiness. Yes, that's undeniably true and I strongly believe that most of us desire to be prosperous by all means. But what if life will not permit us to become one? Are we willing to accept it? Hell no! Okay, money is important but there are also other things we can be truly be happy about, right? I'm talking about our family, friends, special someone and most importantly our values & principles. These are also considered as precious belongings and we have them all for free. Hence, that made us wealthy already. But yes I know, money is money and we all need it.

Courage - one that I know most people are lacking, true? Yes. And it may not be that obvious but I’m shy too and I have a slight fear of confrontations. It sucks but it doesn’t mean I should not do anything about it. Though our life experiences helped us develop our individuality, it will still require more than just skills to be courageous. Because courage is more than just facing the challenge because it is also about taking risk and embracing unknown possibilities - may it be a failure or success. 

For me, Time, Money and Courage are just few of the basic things every human should profoundly understand. You can agree with me or not but the bottom line here is that we all want to reach success and find happiness.

We all have our own struggles in life but remember, you don’t have to face it alone. ;-)

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