02 October 2014

Way Back When

Just when I thought most things have truly changed with time, I wish I could be at least closer to what I used to look before (if not better). Oh yeah! I honestly cannot put into words how to describe my life 7 years before but one thing is for sure, it was certainly a memory I'll cherish for years and more. Here’s my throwback Thursday post - a glimpse of how amazing my college days were.  

College life doesn't feel complete without experiencing a Junior-Senior Prom night and I had a share of wonderful time with friends during my first College Prom night year 2009.

A picture of me when I was awarded as 'Monsieur Fashionista' during our Prom Night year 2009 held at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City. Hehehe I was way too thin back then.

A night of glitz and glamour during our Masquerade Ball.
Yes, my escort at the prom was my dearest friend Joebelle Bacarra.

"Inuman" Day & Night. Ooops! I'm hoping my parents are not reading this post as I'm about to let a cat out of the bag. --- Okay, here's the thing about the past: I actually started drinking beer and sipping tequila during college days. In fact, I organized parties most of the time in my apartment. And did I mention I go clubbing too even if I was minor back then? Hahaha Yes, it was crazy but surely I had fun doing things least expected from me. 

Don't go bananas with the pictures friends!

Study hard and party harder!
And guys, do you remember 'Manangs'- the mini resto-bar beside Fidel's Chicken? Hahaha Seriously, we were wearing uniforms during these shots. DISCLAIMER: pictures were taken after our class hours so I guess we were not doing anything wrong. :-p

Whether it be a birthday celebration or someone got brokenhearted, we always find a reason to party.
Pictorials everywhere. *(Laughing)* Not to mention but years ago (or maybe until now) we were supermodel wannabes. So if you wonder why I love to pose on pictures, well I got it from my college friends who I share same craziness with.

These make me feel shame a bit. Hahaha Can you image how T.H. we were? LOL
*Giggling* I'm sensing someone's going to kill me for uploading these pictures. Peace out! LOL 

Above anything else, travelling with friends was definitely the best part of college days. "Kahit walang pera basta gala, go ra!"

Looking back at the past made me realize how genuinely happy I was way back those years. Though time truly flies so fast, it still feels good to remember those wonderful experiences we had.  And if I'd given a chance to turn back the time, there’s really nothing about my college years that I would rather change (even a single day of it). Because despite of all the tough times and craziness that happened, I am still beyond grateful to share those experiences with loving and amazing friends. And as our lives move forward, I'll keep those memories to stay grounded and remind myself that life is good in any kind of way. Until then! XoXo :-) 

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