11 January 2015

Espresso Confections | The Taste of Starbucks' Love for 2015

Are you a Starbucks lover like me? If you are then I have some exciting news for you. Starbucks just launched some enjoyable food and beverages to make us fall in love even more.

Chicken and Mushroom Wellington

With the Espresso Confections 2015 new exciting features, Starbucks endeavours to give us a happy 2015 start off.  Yes darling, our favorite coffee shop is inviting us to open the year with the touch of their magic and the taste of their love.

We’ve known the company not only for its good quality products but also for their special promotions that keep us excited every occasion of each year. So for the coming Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, Starbucks offers new choices of snacks for more satisfying dining at your preferred Starbucks location.

Here are some images of the tasty food items you can avail starting today until the 23rd of February. 

Cheese Pimiento and Bacon on Italian Country Bread

Moroccan Chicken Wrap
Chocolate Banana Cake
Chocolate and Hazelnut Parfait
Raspberry and Cream Parfait

And yes, Starbucks also have some special treats for those who are into salads and veggies. People on a fruit and vegetable diet would surely love this.

Garden Salad with Mango
Caesar Salad

Other than the above foodstuff, Starbucks also introduces new beverages: Chestnut Praline Latte and Raspberry Truffle Mocha. Plus, they are also featuring new grind beans coffee – Guatemala Casi Cielo and South of the Clouds Blend.

Special Promos: For the coming Valentine's Day, Starbucks will hold a Valentine's Cake Treat Promo. Starting February 9 to 13, customers who will purchase any two of the Chestnut Praline Latte and Raspberry Truffle Mocha of any size with a Starbucks card will get one free slice of cake. Then on February 16 and 17, Starbucks will implement the Double Star Treat. Any purchase of a Chestnut Praline Latte or Raspberry Truffle Mocha of any size will automatically earn you two beverage stars.

I’m sure this is just the beginning of more special treats from Starbucks. Just like you, I can’t wait to know what else they in store for us this year. :-)

Cheers for a happy 2015 everyone! 


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