07 November 2014

My Tasty Sunaku Experience at Kimono Ken

Snack in Japanese is called “Sunaku” or what we commonly known here in the Philippines as “Merienda”. I’m not actually sure what kind of light meal do Japanese people have but I find few delectable few food items at Kimono Ken Restaurant yesterday which I thought are great for a tasty snack.

Few weeks ago, I had an interesting food experience trying the Korean Bimbimbap at Bibimharu Restaurant and it finally made me distinguish the Korean cuisine from the Japanese’s. So yesterday, I decided to dine at Kimono Ken, a Japanese Restaurant in Mall of Asia. But instead of taking a heavy meal, I opted to try their choices of snacks.

I’ve known a lot of willowy Japanese people so I’m not quite sure if snack is such a thing for them. But thinking of their Sumo fighters, they probably guzzle more than just a snack. :-p

Kimono Ken best exemplifies a traditional Japanese restaurant which is known for being secluded and dim. Waitress and attendants are also dressed in Japanese clothing to give us a complete vibe of how it feels to dine in a typical eatery in Japan.

Moyashi Ramen
California Maki
Sakana Fry

The first meal I ordered is their Moyashi Ramen. It has a thick soy based soup with bean sprouts, minced pork and vegetables. It may look like a simple noodle soup but the marinated bean sprouts gave the dish an overflowing flavor that pleased my kind of taste. On the side, I ordered their famous Cali Maki and the crisp coated Sakana Fry which tasted so good as well.  

For my dessert, I ordered the Green Tea Jelly Ice cream with Oreo on top. I’m actually hesitant to try this at first because green tea leaves as we all know has an aromatic taste which I find awkward for a decadent dessert.  But after taking teaspoon of the ice cream, I've proved myself wrong because green tea could be in a form of a lip-smacking dessert as well. Tastily good! :-p

Green Tea Jelly Ice cream

Overall, I had a good experience at Kimono Ken. The quality and the servings of the food come in an affordable price. I would surely go back there and try the other food from their menu with variety of options to choose from. 

Kimono Ken Restaurant
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Casual Japanese Dining
Opens from 10AM to 11PM daily
Budget: PHP 200 - 400


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