08 November 2014

Malaysia | The Batu Caves

Rising about 100 meters above the ground, the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur is absolutely one of the most popular Hindu Shrines in the world. The name “Batu” is taken from the Sungai Batu which is a river flowing past the limestone hill. The shrine is dedicated to their Lord Murugan (Subramaniyan), a Hindu god of war. You’ll see Murugan’s grand golden statue before you climb into the 272 stair steps to the entrance of the cave.

Interior of Batu Caves

Going to the Batu Caves is hassle-free at first. You can simply ride comfortably on their KL train for an affordable fee to the Batu Caves Station. But the real adventure starts after you disembark from the train.   The religious temple is nestling inside the limestone hill in the Selangor Mountains. You need to walk through a concrete passage surrounded by flocks of pigeons, some monkeys and flying bats. It’s not that scary especially if you’re a nature kind of person.

The golden statue stands about 140 feet and it is considered as the tallest statue of Murugan in the world.

The next challenge is the 272 stair steps to the entrance of the monument.  As I climb through the slippery and very steep stairs towards the Batu Caves, I have realized Hindus don’t mind the danger as they hold on so much to their faith that they know no harm will happen. Therefore it is true that some people do take risk because of their strong devotion. 

I’ve been to different kinds of religious monuments and shrines from Thailand and Cambodia, but the Batu Caves in Malaysia is a special one. I have never seen a monument in a limestone hill like this before. And to witness the passion of the Hindus for their religion is absolutely commendable. 

F.Y.I. If you got famished after the very tiring walk and climbing, on the ground of Batu Caves there are few native Malaysian Restaurants you can dine into. Enjoy!

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