21 March 2015

Singapore | Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

As you know, I always have a thing for sunset that’s why I love going to places where I can have a full-view of the sky. Apparently, the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is the best spot to enjoy the beautiful skyline of Singapore. When I was at the roof deck, I really took time to cherish the panoramic view as the sun slowly fades behind those stunning high-rise buildings. Seeing a well-developed country like Singapore inspires me to dream big and hope more.

I used to dream of working overseas when I was still in high school. Having both parents working abroad influenced me to venture a career outside the Philippines. As a matter of fact, I’ve been eyeing Singapore as one of the countries where I would like to work. Someday, who knows? :-)

I’m the kind of person who always like to seek for new experience and travel fuels my boredom. I also think that working abroad would help me learn new things about myself. Yes, I know it only sounds so easy but really difficult when realized. Every decision has a consequence but it’s better to take risks than to just wait for things to happen. And I believe most risks in life are worth it.

Singapore is truly an inspirational masterpiece. It represents a promise of hope for people who persevere and take chances. I heart S.G. :-)

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